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Sourcing fabric takes it to the next level!

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Easily discover a worldwide fabric collection through our user-friendly search tool, simplifying your quest for the ideal fabric.
Accurate Product Photos & Video
By understanding how each fabric behaves and looks, you'll be able to choose the right fabric.


A fabric swatch is a small sample of fabric that helps you assess its texture, color, pattern, and quality before buying. Swatches come in various sizes and are useful for making informed choices in sewing, quilting, or crafting.


Not only can you begin your order with a minimum quantity of just 1 yard, but you can also expect to receive accurate shipping charges for your purchase. We ensure transparency and precision in calculating shipping fees for your convenience.

Managing Order

Wondering about the status of your order? We've got you covered! Use our simple and convenient order status lookup tool to get the latest updates on your purchase. Just enter your order number, and we'll provide you with real-time information about your order's progress. Keeping track of your order has never been this easy

Sourcing Fabric

Fabric sourcing is never a straightforward task. Simply send us an email detailing your fabric requirements, and our dedicated fabric experts will assist you in selecting the perfect fabric for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer free fabric swatch?

"Yes." We offer free fabric swatches. We usually offer four different swatch prices based on quality & swatch bundle size.

2. Which countries do you ship to?

Normally we ship worldwide if our FedEx or UPS is served. You can check "Estimated Shipping" on the Product or Check out page. If there is no shipping method, please contact us via email support@fabricis.com

3. Shipping Cost?

When it comes to air shipping, the Chargeable Weight (CW) unit is utilized, considering both the actual weight of the package and its dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is determined by multiplying the package's length, width, and height, and then dividing it by a predetermined dimensional factor.

4. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Many of our items have quantity-based discounts that display on the product page. If the quantity is over 100 yards per color, we offer additional discounts to our wholesale customers. Please contact our customer service